Healthy Recovery Formula™


Healthy Recovery Formula™* is the first nutraceutical formulations specifically designed by an aesthetic plastic surgeon/pharmacologist to aid recovery while helping the body’s overall chemical balance. It is a comprehensive dietary supplement designed to help maximize the body’s internal mechanisms including:

• Vascular development
• Central nervous system (CNS) tissue support
• Connective tissue regeneration
• Immune system health
• Lean body mass

It is a proprietary blend formulated to aid recovery, and it is available over-the- counter, without a prescription. Additionally, and equally important, Healthy Recovery Formula contains anti-oxidants, minerals and, rare herbal supplements necessary to build and maintain a lean, healthy body mass. It is truly the first comprehensive surgical food of its kind and for continued body maintenance.

In medical and nutritional science, it is widely understood that the human body represents a vast mechanism of chemical interaction and metabolic activity. Every day body’s biological systems process a variety of ingested macronutrients—proteins, fats (lipids), carbohydrates—and micronutrients—minerals, vitamins, and water, maintaining a controlled, balanced equilibrium, that your body continues to grow/function normally, repair itself and fend off potentially harmful microbial invaders.

Apposite nutrition, before and after surgery, is generally considered a prerequisite even prior to any surgical procedure being performed. Most patients are advised that one of the best methods to reduce post-surgical complications and increase the rate of recovery is via proper and appropriate healthy nutritional balance. That is generally one of the reasons why surgeons insist on CBC (complete blood count), metabolic profiles, and another pre-operative testing, to assure that the patient is generally healthy and not nutritionally deficient.

How Really Important Is Nutrition After Surgery? What Does All This Mean To Me?

To better understand nutrition and its importance in the surgical environment, it is important to re-visit basic guidelines established by the medical community and the effects of food in normal metabolism. Typically, after surgery, depending on the specific procedure, a patient unable to eat may receive nutrition using either a Parenteral Therapy—administering nutrients via routes other than ingestion, (most commonly intravenous, but intramuscular, mucosal, or subcutaneous also possible)—or Enteral Therapy – by way of delivery directly to the stomach or intestine or by oral intake and the normal digestive tract. The difference largely depends on the pre-operative condition of the patient, type of surgery performed, and immediate post-operative outcome. In the vast majority of cases, especially cosmetic surgery, enteral methods are the norm and physiologically the best. However achieved—parenteral, or enteral methods—perioperative supplementation in the form of nutritional support for the patient, is vital to support optimal recovery. Additionally, studies have shown that the enteral method is preferred because it results in less muscle wasting, faster healing, and fewer post- surgical complications. Today, the latest findings in numerous medical reports and studies acknowledge that proper and immediate nutrition supplementation is critical to recovery. Still, many patients do not take the few extra steps—via nutrient supplementation—to help optimize their recovery. Whereas, informed patients, do…

Why Should I Be Using Healthy Recovery Formula?

For decades surgical literature has supported the importance of optimizing patients’ nutritional status as it relates to their ability to tolerate surgery both acutely and subacutely. Despite this knowledge, still today the nutritional status of patients undergoing elective surgery is not at an optimal level. This means that many surgical patients could do better. In elective surgery, nutrient supplementation is, in the majority of cases, via normal ingestion. By supplying key nutrients via an oral/intestinal method for wound healing, a patient’s recovery undoubtedly will be healthier. Healthy Recovery Formula was developed with all this in mind. By supplying many key components necessary for optimal healing with additional ingredients to help control homeostasis, inflammation oxidation, recovery is aided. It is known that better control of inflammation and oxidation, for example, translates into less edema and pain stimulation, hence improved patient mobility after surgery.

Healthy Recovery Formula contains ingredients that the body utilizes for:

• Hemoglobin/red blood cell production, collagen and elastin synthesis, fat/energy metabolism, immune support/function, anti-oxidants and replenishment of neurotransmitters
• Mediation of inflammation/edema/bruising

HRF is recommended to start taking at least two weeks before surgery. Add one full scoop (32 grams) of the unmixed product (approximately three level tablespoons) to water, reduced fat milk, juice, or your favorite fruit and blend. Ingest the mixture at least one hour prior or two hours following a meal. Resume 24 hours after surgery or when post-operative nausea subsides. Take for at least two months total duration or as recommended by your doctor. Maximum benefits may be from continued use for up to six months. Healthy Recovery Formula is also recommended as a once a day anti-aging meal replacement therapy for lean body mass, weight control, and athletic performance.

NOTE: Check with your surgeon to see if s/he approves of HRF. You should always first and foremost follow your surgeon’s pre- and post-operative instructions before and after any surgery. The majority of surgeons require that you be fasting 12 hours before ANY surgical procedure. This means you should also STOP taking HRF the day before your surgery.

*Healthy Recovery Formula is no longer available but still exists on Dr. Stanton’s website for educational purposes only.