Getting Hip To Hip implants

Although I encourage every patient to workout and live a healthy lifestyle, curvaceous hips often just come down to a genetics. Not everyone is born with the skeletal framework and fat deposits in the hip area that result in the curvy look.  Take a look at some professional female bodybuilders and notice how they too have…


Recovery From Buttock Implants: What To Expect

Recovery From Buttock Implants: What To Expect If you’re considering buttock implants then I am sure you are also wondering about the recovery. We take it for granted sometimes but it can’t be denied that we use our bottoms quite a bit in daily life and can’t afford to be off them for long. Typically, the…


To Sculptra Or Not To Sculptra? 5 Key Facts To Consider.

To Sculptra Or Not To Sculptra? 5 Key Facts To Consider. I posted about dermal fillers and a few weeks back and was shocked at the amount of interest (and controversy) surrounding the topic. I have unfortunately had many patients come to me after having their high hopes for buttock augmentation crushed by measly Sculptra…


Calf Implants 101

Curious about calf implants? Although buttock augmentation is the most common procedure I perform, I have dedicated years to specializing in all areas of implant procedures, calf implants being one such type. ​Although calf implants have been around for awhile now, very few plastic surgeons specialize in this operation today. This is definitely a procedure…


Stanton Anatomic Buttock Implants

Flashback to the rollout of my patented Stanton Anatomic Implants! They call me the #BUTTKING for a reason! I’ve had experience with more kinds of butt enhancement procedures and buttock augmentation situations than I can count.

The result my experience is the Stanton Anatomic Implant! Watch the video to learn more.