Elimination of those things that speed up the aging process, such as heavy metal toxins (lead, mercury, arsenic, etc.) and oxygen free radicals (created “naturally” within human cells but un-naturally damage cellular DNA and thus damage cellular function/lifespan), is what Detoxification Therapy is all about! Unfortunately, we are bombarded with these toxins everyday through the foods we eat, the water we drink, and the air we breathe. As unfortunate, our own bodies create free oxygen radicals in response to these same toxins as well as any and all stressors (including trauma, surgery, and exercise, through sickness and in “health”) we encounter.

After a thorough history and physical exam, blood work can pinpoint what toxins are present and even what free oxygen radicals are being produced in excessive amounts. Detoxification therapy is sophisticated enough nowadays to target and thus eliminate each of these cellular damaging problems. Typically it as simple as modifying ones nutrition in combination with taking specific dietary supplements &/or nutraceuticals (concentrated vitamins, herbals, and super-antioxidants) to effectively flush out these toxins/free oxygen radicals. The result is a healthier more efficiently operating cellular network and organs within the human body and mind!